Biomedical CRO Industry Investment Trends Closed-door Seminar Shanghai 2020





(Shanghai, Sep 18, 2020) The Biomedical CRO (Contract Research Organization) Industry Investment Trends Closed-door Seminar launched this afternoon in Shanghai. The leaders from China’s  leading CROs and financial institutions were gathered in New SDIC Tower , including dMed Biopharmaceutical(缔脉生物), Clinical Service Center(科林利康医学研究), Higginger Pharmaceuticals(海金格医药), Stemexcel Technology(斯丹姆赛尔),Beijing Biocytogen(百奥赛图),Zhejiang Pharmaceutical(浙江医工医药), Turth Pursuit(恒誉康), Silexon Technology(燧坤智能), GX Pharma (国信医药),CAHA Investment(中欧投资专委会), Ausvic Capital(盈信泰资本), PAG(太盟投资), Greenriver(绿河投资), PingAn Trust(平安信托), Agic Capital (汉德资本) and GP Capital (金浦资本).



Haiding Yang, the head of healthcare team of Ausvic Capital,  as a representative of institutional investors participated in the event and delivered a wonderful speech at the seminar.

Haiding Yang pointed out that CRO industry played an indispensable role in new drug research and development. He believed that CRO industry in China had entered the critical stage of further development, tending to show new traits of  intellectualization, specialization, and internalization.


Yu Xu, the CEO of The Clinical Service Center, Guona Lang, the COO of Higginger Pharmaceuticals, Hua Zhu, the CTO of Silexon Technology and Baozhu Zhang, the CBO of Beijing Biocytogen shared their views on the future development strategy of CRO industry base on their business and they also reached a consensus that CROs in China would have a great opportunity to occupy more shares in the global market over the next decade.



The success of the seminar provide a great opportunity for CROs to communicate and exchange ideas as well as help investors to understand the current situation and future trends of China’s CRO industry. As the same time , it will accelerate the development of China’s Biomedical CRO industry and further improve the investment and financing environment of bio-pharmaceuticals industry in China.

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