Since 2009, SharesPost has been a leader and innovator in private securities investments. Based in Silicon Valley, SharesPost has created one of the largest, most active networks of shareholders, investors, issuers and entrepreneurs by offering products and services for late-stage, venture-backed private growth companies. With more than $2 billion* in closed transactions, SharesPost provides clients with access to information and liquidity.

In 2013, SharesPost announced a joint venture with NASDAQ OMX Group to create NASDAQ Private Market, the next-generation online platform to manage private securities transactions. Whether a company seeks to optimize an eventual IPO or remain private permanently, NASDAQ Private Market provides comprehensive capital market support to meet its needs.

The SharesPost 100 Fund was launched in March 2014 to provide investors with access to a portfolio of late-stage, private growth companies – an asset class that has been typically reserved for endowments, institutions and the wealthiest investors. Through the company’s growing network of advisors, retail investors can now invest in a ’40s Act-registered fund, which exclusively holds late-stage private companies.

* Includes securities transactions conducted through Emerson Equity LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC, which acted as the broker-dealer for SharesPost Financial Corporation in 2011.